Watch IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner Fix Production Dialogue Issues

Jul 26, 2018ADX Pro Tips, ADX Technology

Audionamix is excited to announce its first real-time product, IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in. Supporting VST and AAX formats, IDC is able to reduce background noise down to -24 db with the turn of a knob. IDC works locally, with minimal processing time, and there is no need for an internet connection. This will be an essential tool for dialogue editors and mixers in reducing a variety of unwanted noise during production recording such as hissing, buzzing, humming, wind, airplanes, refrigerators, and cars. IDC works by using ADX Technology to focus on speech, rather than the traditional approach of other plug-ins that focus on noise. The Algorithms used in ADX Technology are developed using machine learning and a constantly expanding database of speech files.

Through the development of previous Audionamix software such as the TRAX series of products, Audionamix developers wanted to introduce something that would be easy to use for beginners yet powerful enough for professionals. Below are two videos demonstrating the simple and effective noise reducing capability of IDC. A variety of problematic dialogue recordings are used as examples to show the versatility of IDC. IDC will prove to be a valuable plugin for those who need to quickly cleanup dialogue tracks without the headache of processing in an outside program. We are currently testing IDC on a variety of Digital Audio Workstations to ensure maximum compatibility across multiple platforms that offer third party plug-in support. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding IDC!


Example 1 – Wind noise: Dialogue with heavy wind and no wind filter.

Example 2 – City/traffic noise: Dialogue recorded with cars in background.

Example 3 – Full Soundtrack: Dialogue with water noise in background.

Example 4 – Bus by: Dialogue recorded near a bus stop.



Example 1 – City Noise: Dialogue recorded with a mixture of cars, wind, and pedestrian chatter.

Example 2 – Airplane: Dialogue recorded near the Long Beach Airport.

Example 3 – Buzz: Dialogue recorded with buzzing from a lighting fixture.

Example 4 – Wind: Dialogue recorded without a wind filter.

Example 5 – Hum: Dialogue recorded with a low frequency hum from an electrical appliance.