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For advanced audio separation and isolation, or tailored audio refinements that require expert understanding and know-how, ADX Technical Services are your solution.

ADX Technical Services solve a variety of complex audio challenges for content owners, creatives, and technicians in the professional film, broadcast, and music industries.

Our services are sought after by major motion picture, television, and music studios, as well as some of the largest post production facilities from around the world.


Using the Music and Effects mix as a learning source, ADX technology strips out those two elements leaving the dialog only.


ADX Technology can separate the vocals from a mixed music track leaving the instrumental only.


Using the music mix as a learning source, ADX technology separates the music from the dialog and effects.


The Vocal Extraction process makes it possible to raise and lower the volume of the vocal in the mix as well as giving some control over panning and allowing effects to be added even after a mix has been mastered.


Using the same process as Instrumental Creation, the separated vocal is saved on a different track and can be refined and used as needed.

Case Studies


SERVICES: Stem Creation

CLIENT: Warner Bros.

For the dream state transition scenes and the surround mixing in the 2010 Warner Brothers release, Inception, world renowned producer, Hans Zimmer requested the isolated vocal of Edith Piaf and the isolated horn section from the 1960’s recording of “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.” As this was an older recording, these elements were never available. Using Vocal Isolation, Instrument Isolation and Stem Creation services, Audionamix was able to provide the legendary composer with the elements he needed for his audio masterpiece. The film received two Oscars© for Best Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing.

90210 DVD Release

CLIENT: Paramount Home Entertainment

SERVICE: Music Dissociation

When Paramount Home Entertainment wanted to release Beverly Hills 90210 (Seasons 6-8) on DVD, they discovered that the music licensing costs were so high that the release would be unprofitable. As the German version of the show existed only as a full composite mix, it was technically impossible to replace the music and release the popular sitcom.

Using Music Dissociation services, Audionamix removed the expensive licensed music without damaging the German dialogue or effects. CBS replaced the music saving over 70% in music licensing costs and generating several million dollars of unforecasted incremental revenue.

Blues Brothers DVD

For the European release of The Blues Brothers, Universal Home Entertainment required re-mastered surround sound for their final dialogue versions. Unfortunately only stereo foreign composites were available, making the 5.1 remastered releases impossible.

Using Dialogue Isolation services, Audionamix provided clean French, Italian, German, and Spanish dialogue tracks to be reintegrated in the fully remastered 5.1 music and effect tracks. This enabled 5.1 releases in European territories, giving Universal International an additional marketing element to promote the titles and generate an estimated 30% in incremental sales.

Sunny – TV Commercials

When the UK based online banking group decided to produce television commercials for their special rates, only the song by Bobby Hebb “Sunny” would do. Unfortunately the singers voice clashed with the messaging during synchronization, and no instrumental version or separated elements were available in Universal Music Group’s vaults.

Audionamix had 2 solutions to this particular problem: create audio sync tracks where the producers were free to raise or lower Bobby Hebb’s voice, or create an instrumental version of the song by separating the voice from the music. Universal decided to ask for an instrumental version, thereby obtaining, once and for all, a new instrumental asset for its numerous synchronization requests for Sunny.

Donna Summer, The Remix Album

When Verve Music Group decided to put together an album of favorite Donna Summer tunes remixed by current artists, they quickly found that many of the must-have songs on their list did not have separate vocal stems. Having worked with Audionamix before, Sr. VP of Verve, Jay Landers, approached us to see if it would be possible for us to do vocal extractions on these songs. Because of the production style of Donna Summer’s music, this project posed a unique challenge for ADX Technology, but in the hands of our expert engineers and specialists we were able to extract several vocals that were then used to create new, remixed versions for the album.

Barbra Streisand / Elvis Presley, Partners, “Love Me Tender”

Audionamix had already worked with Barbra Streisand on her “Release Me” Album, so when she wanted to sing a virtual duet with “The King”, her team turned to us again for a separated vocal of Elvis singing “Love Me Tender”. The track turned out beautifully and was included on her 2014 album, “Partners”.



When producer David Foster wanted to blend Rod Stewart’s vocals with those of the late Ella Fitzgerald on the classic “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” he relied on a sort of secret sauce to get the cleanest tracks possible — Audionamix’s ADX technology.

Audionamix Mixes Old, New with Tech Wizardry

Audionamix demonstrated how its ADX technology can separate dialog from a full mix for foreign reversioning, or remove and replace music cues from TV shows while preserving the dialog and effects in the original mix.

Audionamix Unveils New ADX TRAX Audio Separation Software at NAB

Starting with “Steamboat Willie” in 1928, Walt Disney provided the high-pitched, enthusiastic tones of Mickey Mouse for at least 100 shorts, maybe more. Now make that at least 101. In the new “Get a Horse!,” playing in theaters with the animated feature “Frozen,” Mickey, Minnie and their friends go on a hayride, in the process traveling from black-and-white, 2-D hand-drawn images to color, 3-D digital animation.

Resurrecting His Master’s Mouse Voice

Audionamix, the industry’s leading sound separation specialists and developers of the revolutionary ADX Technology, contributed audio isolation services to Verve Music Group for their latest release, Verve Remixed: The First Ladies.

Audionamix Contributes Sound Separation Services to Verve Remixed: The First Ladies From Verve Music Group





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