Audionamix at the AES Audio Forensics Conference 2017

Jun 21, 2017Blog, Press

Never one to shy away from broadening our horizons, Audionamix was an official sponsor of the 2017 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics in Arlington, VA!

Team members Doc and Marcin arrived from Southern California and Poland (respectively) to the historic, bustling and shockingly humid D.C. suburb on a mission: to introduce ADX technology to the Forensic Audio community and then, of course, to find out what the heck Audio Forensics is!

Ok, so naturally we are familiar with the field of Audio Forensics and its importance to criminal and civil justice, but the conference was a great opportunity for us to learn the nuts and bolts of forensic analysis, its tools and best practices, and how ADX Technology can support the critical work of audio forensics analysts.

As a sponsor of the event, we had the great honor of speaking before the attendees in the opening session. This was tasked to Product Specialist Doc, who delivered a brief history and overview of ADX tech, including a demonstration of our speech separation software ADX TRAX Pro SP. Doc extended an open invitation to all in attendance to come try the software themselves and provide their insights, critiques and expertise to help us better serve the forensics community.

The response was great! Marcin and Doc met with enthusiasts and professionals representing government agencies, private investigation firms large and small, law firms and many other fields relying on cutting edge audio forensics technology. We received positive feedback regarding our unique method of targeting speech rather than noise, as well as the non-destructive nature of our products. We also learned a great deal about the tools and ethics of forensic audio analysis, including how we can align our future developments with the legal requirements and specific workflow needs of the field. Overall, we made some new friends who gave us some invaluable advice and showed us a great time in the thick Arlington air.  

Thank you to everyone who attended for taking the time to hang out with us! Thanks, as always, to the Audio Engineering Society and a very special thank you to event co-chairs, Jeff Smith and Catalin Grigoras of National Center for Media Forensics and Daniel Rappaport of Precision Solutions, Eddy Brixen and also Douglas S. Lacey from BEK TEK and of course event co-sponsors, CEDAR, Salient Solutions, National Center for Media Forensics and iZotope!

See you in 2019!

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