Don’t miss your chance to see the new SVC (Speech Volume Control) plug-in, grab a beer with Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, shape the future of ADX software and get Audionamix swag, all at AES 2016! Don’t have your passes yet? Click here to be our guest!

We’ll be chatting, demoing, carrying on, and of course, signing autographs in glitter ink for all of our fans just inside the entrance to the show floor at the Avid Partner Pavilion pods 3 and 5 (glitter ink optional).









At AES, be one of the first to try out the brand new SVC plug-in. SVC allows you to control the volume of both spoken dialogue, and the background sounds behind it, even without the separate audio tracks. Read more about it here!

We’ll also be conducting a survey throughout the show to determine the path of the future Audionamix product line. Participants will receive a free gift that will come in handy on Saturday…hint hint!


On Saturday, October 1st, join us for “Drinks With Dave and Herb” to hang out, and, as Herb would say, “get turnt up” with the dynamic duo of Pensado’s Place. Yes, the drinks are free, and yes they do include alcohol. How else could we get “dangerous at an audio convention”!

Audionamix will also be interviewing some of the top names in the audio industry while we’re at the show, asking them non-audio questions such as their favorite movie, food, or worst traumatic childhood experience. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what you’d like us to ask!

Our high-level executives will all be present at AES, so if you’d like to schedule a meeting or an interview, please reach out to

Hope to see you there!