A Nod to Lustworthy Tech

Jul 1, 2014Audio Technology

There is nothing quite like innovative, new technology. It’s the new car smell for your creativity; it has the power to provide fresh perspective, to open the mind to new possibilities, and to remind us that the impossible is really just the future, in pre-production.

If you’re anything like us, that feeling of wide eyed inspiration multiplies exponentially when  new technology meets musical creation. So take a moment, breathe, and let yourself drool over a few of my personal favorites from the intersection of music, technology, and changing the game.

1. The Instrument 1 by Artiphon

Anyone who has experienced the simple joy of creating on the go with Garageband for iOS will flip their lid when they see the Instrument 1 controller. The Instrument 1 bridges the gap between digital device and traditional instrument, creating a powerful controller that plays like a multitude of instruments, interfaces with your phone and is highly portable. Record, mix, and play out with its built-in speaker system. You can reserve yourself an Instrument 1 via the Artiphon website for $10 down, $779 once available. If you’re a ‘try before you buy’ kind of guy (or girl), the Instrument 1 is currently in the beta testing phase, so follow my lead and go apply to be a tester if you’re eager to try it out. On second thought, don’t, I want the spot ;)


2. The Seaboard by Roli

If you can handle the hefty price tag ($1,999 – $8,888), the Roli Seaboard is the next generation of the MIDI keyboard controller. Although it can be played just like a piano, each “keywave” can also be used to create vibrato, pitch bends, and more. The Seaboard can be used to virtually control any sound, and plays with the feeling and touch of a string instrument, with the layout of a traditional MIDI keyboard. Do yourself a favor, watch some Seaboard demonstration videos, and add yourself to the long list of musicians suffering from Seaboard induced gear envy. We’re right there beside you.