One Song In, Four Stems Out.

Automatically separate songs into Vocals, Drums, Bass and all remaining music stems for sampling, practice, and more!

2-Day Free Trial

6-Month Subscription

$40.00 every 6 months

Ron Reeser, Producer/DJ

“XTRAX STEMS has been essential in my creative process. When I need to separate vocals from an entire song or isolate specific instrumentation quickly, the interface gives me the flexibility to print stems on the fly, and maintain a fast workflow when working on remixes or song ideas. a must have tool for music creativity!”

Stefano, Musician

“XTRAX STEMS is amazing and powerful stem separating software. I use it to separate the bass part of songs so I can make my own backing tracks and practice with a real band. The product is indispensable for those musicians who like to practice at home with backing tracks.”

Aaron Gibson, Fitness Professional, Product Developer

“I came across XTRAX STEMS when a friend and I were discussing potentially doing a cover of a song we both like but wondering if there was a way to remove the vocals to make it easier to understand. So, after doing some research I came across XTRAX STEMS and lo and behold it does exactly what I need it to do.”

Fran Garcia, DJ & Music Producer

“XTRAX STEMS just blew my mind, it’s really useful for my DJ sets. You can get a perfect acapella or a really good instrumental for more creative music sets. I really recommend it. It’s a must have.”

DJ Kue, DJ/Producer

“XTRAX STEMS is a game changer. For all the producers that are always looking for that hard to find acapella, this is your ticket there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this for remixes where I normally can’t get an acapella from the label. Thank you Audionamix!”

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 – 10.15 / Windows 10
  • Requires High-Speed Internet Connection
  • 8GB RAM recommended