Transfer Service

The Audionamix Professional Services team has helped remonetize classic content for major motion pictures, GRAMMY®-nominated albums, live film concerts, and hit TV shows across the globe.

Transfer Service

Send our Professional Services team your files via your preferred file transfer protocol (Hightail, Aspera Connect, etc). Our team will handle the processing and deliver the results back to you. We can also deliver results as Pro Tools sessions so that processed results may be seamlessly imported back into your master session.

Automated AI Processing
(per Stem)
Film / TV
(1st 30min)
Film / TV
(Add'l 30min)
Post Processing
(per hour of work)
Base Pricing $10.00 $500.00 $350.00 $250.00 Service fee of $500 (waived when post-processing)

Additional Services

If additional cleaning of the results from the automatic AI processing is needed, our in-house team of expert engineers will perform a post-processing evaluation on each request. Once the evaluation is complete, we will prepare a quote based on the rate of $250 per work hour.

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