ADX Technology

Behind every Audionamix plug-in, software, and professional services project is our powerful, proprietary ADX Technology. Built on advanced signal processing and deep neural networks, ADX Technology aims to find and extract specific elements within a mix without processing or destroying the rest of the information within.

Our product line, including standalone software and plug-ins, brings powerful cloud-based ADX Technology into your studio.

Our professional services team has access to the most advanced, unreleased ADX Technology, enabling us to deliver pristine stem separations, dialogue isolations and music dissociations for major motion picture, television, music and post production studios across the globe.

ADX Technology is also available for licensing and integration into your next groundbreaking project.

Today, Audionamix researchers continue to push the boundaries of this exciting audio science as we move towards cloudless, real-time solutions utilizing advanced machine learning techniques.


How It Works