Research Projects

i3DMusic Project

i3DMusic project gathered four partners, two SMEs (Audionamix and sonic emotion) and two research laboratories (EPFL and INRIA) as part of the Eurostars project, granted by the European Union and funded by the French agency for Innovation (OSEO).

i3DMusic provided a music playback system that can handle certain sound sources in a 3D sound environment. i3DMusic created a new class of systems for real-time and interactive source separation and sound spatialization of audio content originally in mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround, targeted for sound engineers, DJs and consumers.

The project began in October 2010 and ended in March 2014.

RAABSPM (AudioHelix) Project

RAABSPM project gathered two SMEs, Audionamix and Sencel Bioinformatics as part of a Eurostars project, granted by the European Union and funded by the French agency for Innovation (OSEO).

The project aimed to develop a precise set of software components allowing a structural modeling for sounds. It led to a new generation of tools for audio information retrieval. The software components were based on the expertise of Audionamix and Sencel Bioinformatics respectively, in audio signal processing and parallel computing.

The objective was to combine an audio representation comparable to that of a DNA sequence (conversion of audio into a symbolic representation) together with genetic search algorithms in large databases.

This allows efficient search-by-similarity in large sound collections.

This project represents a strategic direction for Audionamix, which provides indexing solutions to clients in the field of music and film. In particular, these industries are interested in ways to recover and reuse their audio content (such as effects, musical theme.) on which they have the licensing rights.


The project began in July 2010 and ended in June 2013.

SARAH (ANR, French National Research Agency)

SARAH aimed to industrialize the high-end, high definition remastering services offered by Audionamix.

Given mono or stereo recordings, Audionamix first splits them conservatively, producing various phase-consistent audio tracks. Then, Copra studios sound engineers can remaster these with multichannels.

Thanks to this project, the quality of results is constantly improving while simultaneously broadening the spectrum of processable works. Through this alliance both Audionamix and Studios Copra reinforced their respective positions in the high-end, high definition re-mastering market. The project development also focused on automating the separation steps, thereby drastically reducing the costs of such a service. This collaboration and a steady research effort substantially reinforced the leadership of Audionamix in the source separation field.

Lasting thirty-one months, SARAH project ended in July 2009.

Memories (Europe, FP6)


Audionamix presented Project Memories for the sixth Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (FP6) of the European Union.

Memories aimed to produce a program monetizing audio archives, and concerned two concepts:

1. Structuring a digital contents library.
2. Developing access strategies to multimedia data through contents. The project gathers seven partners with complementary skills: two SMBs, four archives institutes, and one research lab.

Archives Institutes: SMB’s:
– Radio Suisse Romande (RSR) – Pub Gene
– Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound – Audionamix
– Memnon Archiving Services



Research Lab:
Israel Institute of Technology Technion, signal-processing team

Lasting 36 months, the Memories project ended in May 2009.