Custom Solutions for Labels,
Publishers, and Rights Holders

Keeping up with the dynamic, fast-paced music industry can be a challenge. The ability to remonetize an extensive catalogue is a critical factor in meeting that challenge and our Professional Services team is here to help you rise to the occasion. Custom Solution offers an impressive range of options that can be tailored to your needs and revive the monetary value of your catalogue.

Untapped Possibilities

Multitrack sound recordings are not always readily available or accessible, significantly limiting the revenue potential of your catalogue. AI separation gives you the power to unlock your archive, creating new opportunities and untapped revenue streams across label departments.

  • Generate backing tracks and vocal isolations, automatically and at scale.
  • Leverage and maximize your existing catalog through UGC apps TikTok, Triller, Twitch, or IG to create never-before-heard, personalized listening experiences using stems.
  • Rerelease classic recordings with new production techniques or upmix in Atmos and surround sound formats.
  • Allow your roster artists to collaborate across time with beloved artist performances and create new products from existing songs.

Hearing is Believing

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