Kubrick by Kubrick: Dialogue Isolation and Restoration

Sep 2, 2020ADX Technology, Blog

The documentary “Kubrick by Kubrick” reveals previously unheard conversations between Stanley Kubrick and Michel Ciment, a French film critic who recorded their discussions over the course of 20 years.
Because these recordings were made in varying locations, they had differing background noise, quality, and reverberation. In some, they were in a restaurant with clanking silverware and glasses; in others, the voices were distant or distorted.

As these sonic differences distracted from the content, production company Temps Noir asked Audionamix to help make the recordings sound as similar as possible.

Audionamix used our advanced dialogue isolation technology to separate the speech from the background noise and reduce roominess. Then our engineers carefully adjusted the sound of each clip to create a more consistent sonic experience for the viewer.

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