iFit: Dialogue Removal for Localization

Sep 2, 2020ADX Technology, Blog

iFit provides interactive personal training on home exercise equipment. Users can view trainers on screen, and their equipment settings are tailored in real-time to match what’s happening in the video. In the videos, trainers give verbal encouragement and instruction to the user. These videos were recorded using only a single microphone, which delivers the audio of both the instructor’s voice and the sound of their environment. iFit wanted to dub these videos into different languages, while retaining the natural background sound.

Audionamix used our Dialogue Removal service to strip the original speech from the iFit videos, leaving the background ambience. iFit was able to repurpose these recordings and dub them into multiple languages, keeping the original sound of the environment.

“iFit uses Audionamix’s dialogue removal service; extracting dialogue while leaving natural sound on our trainer-led outdoor and studio interactive workouts. We have been thrilled with the results, allowing us to dub the dialogue into multiple languages while maintaining natural sound, giving our foreign language customers a more robust and authentic audio experience.”

Carly Sorensen

Head of Production, iFit

About iFit

iFit pioneered interactive connected fitness and was issued its first of many patents in 1999. Founded with the belief that the majority of consumers would benefit from an interactive personal training experience at home, iFit’s trainer-led streaming workouts are now trusted by millions of consumers around the globe.

iFit offers workout options for every fitness level and interest, from bodyweight training, HIIT cardio workouts and yoga, to connected fitness workouts on NordicTrack and ProForm home equipment, and Freemotion equipment for commercial facilities. Patented interactive technology allows iFit Trainers to create highly personalized workouts for iFit members and Live Adjust™ the user’s incline, speed and resistance instantly during the workout to create the perfect workout for every fitness level. iFit interactive workouts are available on treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowers, strength machines, and the iFit app for a range of exercise accessories.

iFit is owned by ICON Health & Fitness, the global leader in home, commercial and connected fitness and holds more than 275 fitness patents, with 138 pending. iFit workouts are available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German with more languages planned for 2020.

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