The Story of XTRAX STEMS

Apr 2, 2020ADX Technology, ADX Technology, Blog

Audionamix has been dedicated to the science of unmixing audio for over 10 years. Our mission has been to package smart separation technology in an easy to use interface that is accessible and affordable for all. After many years of development, the new XTRAX STEMS represents the realization of that vision. So how did we get here, and what makes the new XTRAX STEMS unique? Read on to learn (and hear!) more.


Audionamix’s first commercial product line, ADX TRAX, was based on advanced signal processing – identifying the fundamental melody of a voice using a pitch guide and then using filters to separate the vocal from the rest of the music. This method relied heavily on manual user work to refine the pitch guide, thus better informing the separation algorithm. As a result, the software required a complicated feature set including an integrated spectral editor, and it often took a long time to get a good result.

We received many requests from DJs, musicians, engineers, producers, and artists for a simpler, faster solution.


The initial release of XTRAX STEMS 1.0 was created in response to this feedback, featuring an easy-to-use workflow balanced with value and quality. We partnered our legacy TRAX algorithms with a new machine learning AI drum separation. The result was a simple, affordable product that could separate and isolate vocals, drums, and remaining music. One song in, three stems out.

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

Original Clip

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v1.0 - Vocals

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v1.0 - Drums


Remixers, DJs, and educators quickly recognized the creative potential of such a tool and at NAMM 2018, MusicRadar honored XTRAX STEMS with the Best Software Award.

June 2018 – XTRAX STEMS 1.5 further delivered on our promise to make our technology accessible; it was our first Windows- compatible product, a long-time request from patient Windows users around the world. Version 1.5 was also available in English, French, and Japanese and added export support for Native Instruments’ STEM format, streamlining workflows for DJs.

October 2018 – Since the initial release of XTRAX STEMS, our research team was working hard behind the scenes to apply their latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to stem creation. The fruit of this labor, XTRAX STEMS 2, featured the new machine learning-driven “Advanced” algorithm, which represented a huge leap forward both in processing speed, and the quality of the vocal and drum stems.

In an effort to allow users to tailor and improve initial separations without creating a complicated post-processing editor, we added the real-time separation balance feature. The intuitive triangle matrix allowed for even better quality stems without sacrificing usability.

In recognition of these improvements, XTRAX STEMS 2 was crowned the 2019 Best Tech Tool for Schools and was nominated for a 2020 TEC Award for Best DJ Production Technology.

Our main focus became how to maintain and deliver consistent improvements on the technological side and address community feature requests from our growing user base. Considering our regular cloud-based algorithmic updates, it followed naturally that we couple a subscription-based product that allows for consistent and reliable support with a user-facing membership community. We unveiled our vision for the new XTRAX STEMS at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 and took home the top prize for ADETech’s Companies2Watch.


The launch of the brand new XTRAX STEMS subscription product, reworked from the ground up. The new version adds a fourth bass stem, separation options tailored to specific use-cases, and a De-bleed feature on each track for post-processing control. With GPU processing and updated algorithms, the new XTRAX STEMS is faster and sounds better than ever.

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

Original Clip

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v 4.0 - Vocals

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v 4.0 - Drums

Thanks to the subscription model, our team has dedicated resources to bring you regular updates and make continuous improvements in servers and separation algorithms. Our member community includes access to exclusive resources, events, and a forum by which you can directly vote for or suggest new features that are most important to you. We’re committed to our promise to offer the best, most affordable stem separator to our growing community.

Thank you so much for being a part of our story so far. We couldn’t have made it here without you, and we can’t wait to discover what we’ll create together.