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Dec 17, 2019ADX Technology, Blog

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming upgrade to XTRAX STEMS – a completely redesigned enhancement of our best-selling automatic stem creation software. New features include a brand new GUI, and new algorithms which are optimized for your specific needs, whether it be to separate all four stems (vocals, drums, bass and remaining music), to create acapellas, backing tracks, or drumless tracks for practice. Hone your separations using the new de-bleed slider on each track, helping you perfect each stem before you export! As always, our proprietary algorithms separate the entire spectrum of audible frequencies, all the way up to 22kHz!

In celebration of this momentous early 2020 release we are offering two new low-cost subscription options for XTRAX STEMS that will allow you to get free access to the upgrade as soon as it’s available!

Why Subscribe?

Not only are our subscriptions more affordable when you’re on a budget or working on a short-term project, they also help us to offer consistent updates and upgrades to our advanced cloud-based servers which handle the heavy processing in XTRAX STEMS.

In conjunction with the release of our upgraded XTRAX STEMS in 2020 we will be launching a new user forum where you can share your requests and vote for the features that are most important to you. Expect frequent and regular updates as we work together to build XTRAX STEMS into the product of your dreams. The subscription means you’ll get every improvement at no additional cost, and will help us support a consistent and fulfilling development process dedicated to our user base.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pick up a 6 Month Subscription for only $40.00 or subscribe for a full year for only $60.00. Subscribe now and you’ll get immediate access to our current release XTRAX STEMS 2.2 as well as free access to the upgraded XTRAX STEMS as soon as it’s released in 2020!

6-Month Subscription


1-Year Subscription



Interested to get your ears on XTRAX STEMS 4 as soon as possible? Current subscribers and owners of XTRAX STEMS are invited to apply to join the final beta testing phase by reaching out to beta@audionamix.com.

If you have any questions about our subscriptions to our software please contact support@audionamix.com.

We can’t wait to share all of the new and updated features of the next version of XTRAX STEMS in early 2020!

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