Music Expo Boston 2018

Jun 19, 2018ADX Technology, Lifestyle

Thanks to all who turned out and joined us at Music Expo Boston! We were thrilled to have the one and only Venomisto join us and present “Unmix to Remix” for all the music producers, remixers and fans in the audience.

Venomisto showcased his vocal extraction workflow in TRAX Pro, and then went deep into spectral editing techniques. He also highlighted our quick and simple pro-sumer approach using XTRAX STEMS, and the powerful results that can come from that tool alone. He then played his file through NI Traktor, to show just how easy it is to create Stems and do a mashup. The crowd response was great!

Lastly, Venomisto brought in Ableton Live and showcased his creative methods for improving an extraction for a remix. He finished it all up with a Q&A session.

We want to give a big shoutout to Loic, Christina and the rest of the Music Expo team for putting together such a great event, and to The Record Co. for hosting.

A good time was had by all, with educational sessions, networking opportunities, and some awesome prizes.

We look forward to getting involved in Music Expo again in the future!