How to Sample an Instrument from a Full Song

Jul 21, 2017Audio Technology, Blog

The art of sampling, once highly criticized as uncreative and ethically questionable, has become ubiquitous in nearly all genres of music production.  From Hip-Hop to R&B and now even in Pop-Rock and Country tunes you can hear elements of music’s rich history re-purposed in modern production, giving our contemporary music a visceral sense of nostalgia and comfort.



The concept is simple: record a piece of music and chop it, stretch it or just loop it and add your own creative touch to make something new.  There are many techniques and styles for sampling but they all hinge on the previously unavoidable fact that, aside from some creative EQing and effects processing, you cannot change the content of your sample. Well, at least you couldn’t until now.

With XTRAX STEMS from Audionamix, you can now refine and customize your samples like never before!  Isolate or remove instruments and voices from your sampled audio to create the perfect sample for your composition. 

Expand your sampling capabilities and creative possibilities with the XTRAX STEMS from Audionamix!




 Enjoy our demo made using XTRAX STEMS.