BOO! Audionamix is right behind you…at AES 2015

Oct 5, 2015ADX Technology, Audio Technology, Blog

Audionamix heads to New York City with TRAX and treats to cast a spell on audio lovers

On Halloween weekend, the orange moon will silhouette the Audionamix team broom as we fly into the Big Apple for the 139th AES Convention of audio wizardry.

Visit the Audionamix booth #554 if you dare and be astounded by the new iOS app DJ Voxchanger. Powered by ADX technology, DJ Voxchanger allows you to transform the vocals of any song without affecting the rest of the instruments. Change your favorite singer into a monster, alien, robot and more! Perfect for making Justin Bieber sound like the extra-terrestrial you always suspected him to be.

He does have a song called "Down To Earth". Just saying.

Untransformed Alien Bieber

Audionamix is also proud to have a booth at the Avid Connectivity Partner Pavilion, featuring the top AAX developers for Pro Tools. Audionamix will showcase our updated VVC plug-in for Pro Tools. Version 2.0 of VVC adds control of the Consonants Boost feature and an easy link to the user guide to make the interface less scary (but no less haunted!)


Stop by to enjoy these tasty audio treats, be enchanted by the magic of TRAX, and grab some free candy. (Especially the pumpkin peanut butter cups. Please eat them. No, take more than that…here’s a handful. I’m going to eat them all if you don’t take them. I have a problem.) Come in costume or drop your business card and enter to win a Studio Pack complete with ADX TRAX Pro, ADX VVC, and an ErgoLab Stealth Touring Chair!



AES will be held at the Javits center in New York City, October 29th through November 1st. Hope to scare you there!

Bonus terrible Halloween joke: Why did the mummy call the doctor?

Because he was coffin.