ADX History – Dialogue Isolation: The Blues Brothers

Mar 5, 2015ADX History, ADX Technology


It’s 106 miles to Chicago…

In 2011, with Music Dissociation, Stem Separation, and Vocal Extraction already under our belt, Audionamix added Dialogue Isolation to our proprietary source separation services. With this new advancement in ADX Technology, we now had the ability to provide isolated dialogue tracks for major motion picture studios for use with native and foreign feature films.

Our first challenge was to use this new service on the cult classic, The Blues Brothers. Universal Home Entertainment was set to release the film in the European market on Blu-Ray with an all-new 5.1 surround sound mix. To achieve this, they needed isolated dialogue tracks for each language.  Unfortunately only stereo foreign composites were available, meaning the dialogue was married to the music and effects on a single track. This made creating the 5.1 remastered releases impossible. Impossible…without ADX.

Using Dialogue Isolation technology, we provided separated French, Italian, German, and Spanish dialogue tracks to be reintegrated in the fully remastered 5.1 music and effect tracks of the film. The result was high-quality, high-fidelity surround sound mixes in multiple languages. The Blues Brothers was successfully re-released in dominant European markets, giving Universal International new means to promote the title and generating an estimated additional 30% in incremental sales for the studio.

See the included video below for a preview of our work, and read more about our ADX Professional Services here.

P.S. Elwood, we totally get trading the Caddy for a microphone. #studioupgrade


Blues Brothers Dialogue Isolation from Audionamix on Vimeo.